2008 – The Credit Crisis

The Dollar is not Weak (12/24/07)

The Fed will Act (1/3/08)

New Home Sales (1/3/08)

Who to Blame for the Housing Market Bubble (and Crash) (1/9/08)

Credit Crunch Video (2/8/08)

Deflation Avoided? (3/18/08)

Brokerages Under Fire – the End of an Era? (6/20/08)

Taxpayers: congratulations, you will soon own Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! (7/11/08)

My advice to John Thain (not that he asked) (8/6/08)

UBS to jettison its investment bank? (8/12/08)

New York tax revenues go “poof” (8/12/08)

Am I the prophet of doom? (9/14/08)

Long Term Opportunities Abound (9/18/08)

Are we turning Japanese? (11/10/08)

The rebirth of deflation (11/11/08) 

A Call for Sound Money (11/14/08)

Save General Motors (11/18/08)

Inflation versus Deflation (12/2/08)

Merrill Lynch 2009 Forecast – Deflation Ahead (12/11/08)


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