GDP of US, Japan, Germany and China

For all you "USA is in decline" and "China is eating our lunch" adherents, I present the following chart.  I'm not beating my American chest, for the future can certainly head off in many different directions.  Just offering a little perspective.

2 thoughts on “GDP of US, Japan, Germany and China

  1. Thanks T. A good reminder. Can’t see why anyone would touch Japan long term b/c debt to GDP and crappy demographics. Germany too, but they’re not as xenophobic.


  2. I’ve been in China since 86 and have watched industry after industry fall to China production, either in a planned attack by China or simply through China policy, US lack of Policy and labor cost advantages. It might be more illustrative to break it down by industry and see what industries are next to fall. For example, most of what we produce are aerospace, chemicals, cars, tobacco, medicines, and military equipment. What is next to fall. Aerospace for sure, a high ticket item that China has been planning for decades. Take a trip to Tianjin to the Boeing and Airbus “joint ventures” (technology dumps into China) and see for yourself.


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