Market Valuation Model

I have been working on a stock and bond market valuation model, and have been updating it a little more than once a quarter.  The links are below:

How to Value the Stock Market (8/25/08)

The Stock Market is Overvalued, Potentially by alot (11/6/08)

First Quarter 2009 Market Update (3/31/09)

Revising my Stock Valuation Model (4/24/09)

The Recent Market Rally Explained (6/15/09)

Q2 Market Update (7/7/09)

Q3 Market Update – A low return world (10/2/09)

Year End 2009 Market Update (1/6/10)

The Long Term, Real Return on Stocks is Only 4-5% (2/9/10)

Predicting Inflation: Gold versus Bonds (3/28/10)

Q1 Market Update: The Stock Market is Now Overvalued (4/16/10)

Q2 Market Update: Sometimes cash is the “least bad” option (7/14/10)

Q3 Market Update: The Fed’s War on Savings (11/14/10)

2010 Market Review: Beware an Emerging Market Inflation Crisis (2/6/11)

Q1 2011 Market Review: It’s Time to Raise Interest Rates (4/10/11)

Get ready for a Dollar Bull Market (5/17/11)

Q2 2011 Market Update: The “Rounded Bottom” Scenario (4/6/11)

Are stocks Cheap? Not Quite, But Close (8/10/11)

Q3 ’11 Market Update: The Beginning of the End (10/8/11)

Q2 2012 Market Update: Have Corporate Profits Peaked? (7/1/12)

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