On autos and tech company dividends

Two quick things:

Barron's does a great job analyzing the shape of the auto industry to come, which is in line with what the Dynamist has been saying all along.

I was also glad to see the Obama Administration adopt my plan for rescuing Detroit.  (Now we'll see if it actually works!)

Second, I totally agree with the Sanford Bernstein analyst that says Google should pay a dividend instead of even thinking about paying $300MM for Twitter.  If I had to guess, if you look at the actual value today of the acquisitions made over the years by Google, Yahoo, AOL and eBay and other acquirers of early-stage internet content companies, it can't be more than 10 cents on the dollar.

"a deal for Twitter would continue the cycle of big Web companies
basically subsidizing the pursuits of Silicon Valley venture
capitalists, the analysts asserted — all at the expense of shareholders." – NY Times

Tech shareholders of the world unite!

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