The Catalist – Weekly Tech Roundup

Below is a list of interesting links covering technology and media (click on first link of paragraph for article):

Consumer Media and Tech:

AlwaysOnGoogle is like a Giant Parasite – "Google is like a gigantic parasite that hollows-out existing (media) businesses," says Jason Pontin, editor and chief and publisher of Technology Review and New York Times business columnist.

AlwaysOnGoogle + Facebook = New Media Math – Five Years ago: I watched TV,  Read books,  Went to the movies,  talked on the phone, did some email, listened to CD’s and I bought things at stores. Today: I read blogs,  post to social networks (Facebook and twitter, AO and Huffpo),  watch video on the Web,  screen  DVDs,   Text Msg on my phone,   talk on Skype (with IM),  Listen to music on iTunes and buy things on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

Alarm:Clock – Automattic (publisher of WordPress blog software) snags $29.5MM from NYT

Alarm:Clock – Financial Bigs back Slide (widget maker) with $500MM+ Valuation

Silicon Valley Insider – Federated Media Looking for Funding?

ClickZ – Political Web Ad Spending Could Hit $110 Million in 2008

FierceWireless – Fiercemarkets acquired by Questex


Engadget – Southwest to test WiFi via Satellite

Engadget – 700MHz Auction to begin tomorrow

Wired – More on 700MHz Auction

FierceWireless – iPhone selling well


TechWorldNews – EMC offers Enterprise Storage in the Cloud

ZDNet – How to make money with Web 2.0

GreenTech / Other:

TechCrunchVirgin Galactic Unveils Design for SpaceShipTwo

CleanTech – U.S wind power in 2007 blows away expectations

GreenTechMedia – Why residential energy techs don’t get adopted

AlwaysOn – Cleaning Up in Cleantech

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